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Best Practices for Content, using the New Article Layout Tool

Welcome to the BookingSuite Help Center Tutorials. In order to take control of your content, we have provided some best practices, so that you can become the expert at telling your own story; whether it’s through your headlines, photos, or content. 

To help you on your way, we have created a new Layout Tool on BOV2, located within your BackOffice,


For hotel websites, content organization and proper placement of content is key. You want your site to look clean, concise, and organized.  For a more feature-rich and content heavy site, organizing your content can prove to be a bigger issue. However, fear not, as we will get you where you need to be.

Let’s begin by logging into your BackOffice.

Once there, go to Content>Pages and select +New Page

Pages plays an important role for your website.  This is where you will showcase what your property has to offer.

Now that you are here, select the page layout that best suits your needs.  

When starting to build the content for your site, here are a couple of questions you should begin thinking about In what order should the guest notice your content, and which part of your content reflects the main purpose of your website.

Of course, the answers to these questions vary depending on your site, so below are some steps that can be taken to assist you along the way.

First, organization is important to the flow of your content.  Determine what content needs to be present for the homepage, internal pages, and any special pages that you may feature; such as amenities, about us, or promotional pages.  Remember, less is more!  Oversaturation doesn’t mean great content; it just means you have a lot of content.  The goal is to keep your visitors on your site and to peak their curiosity, so they will want to navigate through your site.

  1. Add the Title for your page, then an image that best represents your property; one that will speak to your guests.
  2. Add a Headline... Take the time to create an interesting headline.  Your guests don’t want to be tricked, but drawn into something exciting.  Use interesting adjectives such as fun, essential, free, and effortless.  Here's a formula to use for your headline. Use trigger words such as what, why, how, or when.  Using numbers in your headline, is also an attention grabber.  Please Note: Use either a trigger word or number, but not both.

     Be sure your headline describes your content in an honest but attractive way.

  1. Once this is done you can continue to build your content around this.

**Remember, your headline is the sundae, and your content is the cherry on top!


Second, you must know what content and features will stand out above all others.  Find your niche guests, and speak directly to them.  Organize your content in a hierarchy list, from the most attention-grabbing content, to the least noticeable.  Know the guests you are catering to, and speak to them directly.  You should begin every article asking yourself this question. 

Would this particular content make me want to read on?


Finally, make sure each feature has a definitive purpose!  Cut, alter, and revise your content as much as possible.  Ask yourself if everything you’ve included about your property needs to be featured.  For content heavy sites, be sure the content you have isn’t unnecessary.

Voila!  These steps will take you to a neat, balanced, and well-constructed content filled site.

Click the link for more WebDirect help center articles and videos.  For additional assistance, please reach out to the BookingSuite Helpdesk at,



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