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Understanding the calendar and its colors


What do the background colors mean?

  1. GreenThe difference between your price and your competitors’ median price is minimum.
  2. Yellow: The difference between your price and your competitor’s median price is relatively greater.
  3. Red: The difference between your price and your competitor’s median price is large.

Important Note: Alerts ranges can be edited and customized on either relative (%) or absolute (natural number) values and you will be able to decide what type of alert you wish to have and its values. This will be explained in detail on page 11 of this manual.

By hovering over your’s rate, you will see details such as what room type that rate corresponds to, what is included and its rate type, along with your competitors’ property names, their rooms and rates for that specific day:


Note that on some dates, you could see a “MLOS” icon followed by a number. MLOS stands for “Minimun Length OStay” in English and it means that for that date you or your competitors have a restriction of, for example, “3” nights to stay at your property:



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