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How To Create An Online Form

Forms are available to all BookingSuite users, and are infinitely editable. They are great for custom reservation inquiries, event proposals, or even collecting guest feedback.

To create a form, you must first create an article or locate an existing article that you'd like to the form to be listed within. If you've forgotten how to create/edit an article, please visit This Page as a refresher.

Adding a Form to an article :

  1. Beside, click on the(Form) icon.
  2. If applicable : Click on the  icon next to the "Submit" button to re-name the button.
  3. Add the email address where you would like to receive inquires. Click  to add multiple email addresses. This form will be sent to all e-mail addresses specified here.
  4. There are seven buttons that allow you to create your ideal inquiry form. 

    • The first option is a Communication Line. In the blank, you will need to specify the instruction for your guests (i.e. email, name, phone, etc.). The gray space will be used by the guest to respond.
    • The second option is another Communication Line, however your guests have the ability to write more than a single line response.
    • The third option is Listing option. In the blanks, you will need to specify the instruction for your guests as well as provide a list of items for them to choose from. By clicking the "+" icon, you can add more list items. Please note, guests will be able to choose only one item.
    • The fourth option is another Listing option, however your guests have the ability to select more than one list item available that applies.
    • The fifth option is an Arrival & Departure Calendar. In the gray space, your guests can record their arrival and departure dates.
    • The sixth option is a Drop-down Menu. Based on the drop-down list items you specify, your guests have the ability to select the option they want.
    • The final option is a Text Box. Here you can insert text, comments, suggestions, etc.
  5. If applicable : Click  next to each line item to make it a mandatory response field for guests. The icon will turn orange when it has been turned on.
  6. If applicable : To reorder the items, click on the line item and then drag and drop.
  7. Click  to save your changes. Or click  to undo changes.
  8. Click the blue Save button at the bottom of the webpage to ensure your work doesn't disappear.
  9. Your changes will be reflected on your live site once you go to Marketing > Publish > click Publish Now.

Congratulations! You have a successfully added an inquiry form online.

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