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How to insert a hyperlink into an article

Adding a hyperlink into an article is useful for directing your guests where you'd like them to navigate to whether it on your website or not. Should you choose not to link to a certain page within your website, then we recommend to ensure that the link open a new tab in the browser to keep Bounce Rate low as we do not want guests navigating off your site.

Inserting a Hyperlink :

To add an internal or external hyperlink to text, navigate to the content within BackOffice; usually in Marketing > Galleries > Articles. Locate the specific piece of text you'd like to hyperlink, and click on the  icon to edit that text block.

Next, highlight your desired text and click on the  icon to input the hyperlink within that text. An "Insert/Edit Link" box should appear once you've click on the chainlink icon.


Within the "Insert/Edit Link" box, there are 3 items you will need to fill out.

  1. In the blank space next to Link URL, paste the link you want the highlighted text to navigate to. 
    Note : If an internal link that leads to another page on your website, you only need to paste the ending part of the URL after ".com". Example:
  2. Select the Target from the drop-down menu. If an external link that will navigate guests off your website, please choose Open Link in a New Window. If an internal link, please choose Open Link in the Same Window.
  3. In the blank space next to Title, enter in either the highlighted text or a describing word/phrase.
    Note: This item is completely optional, and can be left blank if not important to you.

Now that everything is filled out, click Update. The text you'd highlighted should now appear blue and underlined. Click the  icon at the top-right corner of the text block to save the changes you've just made to that block. Click the blue Save button at the bottom of the BackOffice page to save the whole page you've edited.

In order to make these changes appear on your live website, please go to Marketing Publish > click Publish Now

Congratulations! You have successfully implemented your own hyperlink onto your website.

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