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How To Add Meta Tags

Your website’s meta tags (meta title and meta description) are very important for promoting clicks from the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Here is an example of how your meta titles will display (in bold blue) and meta description (in black):

BackOffice will automatically set meta tags for new pages that you add to your website. But, if you want to rename the titles later, go into the SEO Settings section found at the bottom right of all articles.

1. Go to Marketing > Galleries > Articles


2. Select the article you want to change the meta tags. At the bottom of the article editor, you’ll see the SEO Setting button. This button will show you a preview of your SERP display.


3. Once open, edit the tags appropriately. Make sure to follow meta tag best practices like the ones found here. Note: Your primary pages, rooms, photos, location, and promotions do not have editable meta tags.

4. Your changes will be reflected on your site once you go to Marketing > Publish > Publish Now.

Congratulations! You’ve just edited your metas!


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