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My Site is Live - Now What? SEO Edition

Your site is live and now it’s your turn to take control of your digital marketing! Attend webinars, review our forums, and engage with other BookingSuite users.

This self-training approach will ensure you are set up for success using the BookingSuite system.

The majority of the work that you will do in the BookingSuite BackOffice is guest-facing - adding new photos, showcasing your rooms, featuring upcoming promotions. Additionally, there is important content “behind the scenes” that is relevant to Google that you are also able to update. There are many built-in aspects of the BookingSuite system that adhere to Google’s best practices for SEO. There are other areas that you can update on your own, such as the SEO Settings options.

Learn How to Use the SEO Settings Feature

These important tags will help increase your search rank, your click through rate and therefore your conversions! Be sure to follow Google’s best practices by using keywords and staying within character limits to ensure your success.


Beyond the SEO Settings feature, be sure to include important keywords in the text on your site, take advantage of H1 and H2 tags (headers and subheaders on Article pages) and keep your content updated.

Why is SEO important?

Guests can’t take advantage of all of the wonderful perks you have to offer if they can’t find you in the first place! The internet is a big place and your potential guests are looking at a variety of other travel options during their search. Make yourself stand out.




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