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How To Add Rooms, Location and Article Group Widgets

You can highlight additional content from the site right on the homepage and other article pages. As guests are more engaged with the content of the site they are more likely to make a booking. 

*Please note the widgets will only show on article pages for Panorama.

1. Marketing > Galleries > Homepage > Widgets: click on Rooms, Location, Promotions, or Article 1, 2, 3 and then toggle to turn any of the widgets on or off.

- Location widget: you can also add a description


- Article widget: you will need to select an Article you would like to feature; if you select more than one for a group it will scroll through the selected articles. If you add articles in Article 1, 2, and 3 they will also show as a group and scroll in the widget.


- Rooms widget: No customization needed! Just turn this one on and save.


2. If you have selected an Article Group widget for the home page, you next need to go to that Article under Marketing > Galleries > Article or ArticleTree and then find the Article you selected

3. At the bottom of the article builder, click the arrow next to “Article Widget Content”, select a thumbnail image from your library, write a short description and save!


- As best practice and more SEO friendly way of creating the short description, you should not copy a portion of the article and instead create a new sentence or two about the page.                        

4.  You can reorganize the widgets on the homepage by dragging and dropping the widgets up and down to change the order.

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