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How To Edit a Reservation

We released a feature that will allow you to edit reservations in BackOffice. You will now be able to changes to any of the following reservation details:

  • Arrival and Departure Dates 
  • Number of Rooms 
  • Number of Guests 
  • Room Type 
  • Add-Ons

Here are instructions to edit a reservation:

1.Select Front Desk

2 Select Reservations

3.Select the Reservation Name

4.Click on edit icon that appears next to the reservation dollar amount


A pop up window will appear that will allow you to edit the reservation.

To view the old reservation details, click on the + button, next to Total Amount. 


5.Select Dates

a. Select the arrival and departure date of the reservation. If they haven't changed, you will still need to input the dates.
b. Number of Rooms
c. Promotion Code, if applicable 
d. Click Next


6. Assign Guests

a. Select the number of Adults and Children for each room type. (You will need to reenter the number of Adults and Children.)

b. Click Next 


7. Rooms & Add-Ons

a. Choose the Room
b. Choose Room Rate
c. Select Add Room


* Important Note: If you have Add-Ons, you have the option of selecting the Add-On by clicking the "+" icon.
d. Select the green Save button
e. Click Next


8. Confirm

a. The system will provide you with a reservation summary of the room type, subtotal, applicable taxes and fees, and final total.

b. Click Save Reservation

Then you're done! The reservation will automatically close your availability based on the changes you've made, if your Reservation Settings are set to automated. 

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