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Custom Messaging for BookingSuite booking engine & CRS integration

BookingSuite is very pleased to introduce our new custom messaging feature for the BookingSuite booking engine and CRS integration. BookingSuite always strives to ship new features and enhancements that our client base requests and this feature was one that came highly suggested. This feature will allow you to edit the messages that appear when a guest is in the booking engine and the emails that they receive. Keep in mind that all sections are applicable, except for the cancellation email message which can only be edited if using the BookingSuite booking engine; otherwise please contact your CRS to edit that message.

Before we explain how to use this new feature, we want to highlight two important things you should do before making the messages live:

  • Always remember to localize the messages if you have different languages on the site.
  • Always remember to preview the changes you made via the preview site by making a test reservation.

To use the new feature, please navigate to Settings > Messages:

Guest Information: Please enter a message that you would like your guests to see; by default this section is blank and will appear blank for the guest if nothing is typed in. Notice the 1000 character limit.


  • Thank You Page: A default title and message appears. Once you edit this default message and save, then you will not be able to automatically default back to it. Notice the 350 character limit. The message reads: 
    • Success! Your reservation is confirmed. You will receive a confirmation email soon. We look forward to your stay! If you have any questions or changes, please contact us by phone at 1-234-45678, or by email at Have a pleasant stay!


  • Reservation email: These are the messages that a guest will receive in the email being sent to them after they complete a reservation; there is a introduction and conclusion paragraph. There is no character limit. This would be a great place to place reservation policy information for your guest to have easy access to. By default the messages are: 
    • Thank you for your reservation request. By placing your reservation online you indicated that you accepted our terms and conditions. Please review your reservation summary as below.
    • We have confirmed your stay and look forward to serving you. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-234-45678 or here.


  • Cancellation Email: This only applies to those clients using the BookingSuite booking engine; if you are using a 3rd party CRS, please visit their portal to make a cancellation. The default message is: 
    • We are sorry that you will not be able to make your stay. Your reservations have been cancelled per your request. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 1-234-45678. We hope to see you in the future!


***If you are using the BookingSuite BE and do no wish to send a cancellation email when cancelling a reservation, please navigate to Settings>Reservations>turn on/off "Send cancellation email to guests"***

  • SAVE
  • Don't forget to localize the messages and make a test reservation to make sure its showing the correct messages. 
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