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Rate Planner

Welcome to BackOffice's Rate Planner.


The BackOffice's Rate Planner is where you are going to assign your previously created rates under Rate Setup for a large range of dates or a specific period. This tool will also allow you to apply the promotions. 

Rate Planner also features easy-to-change rates without having to create a new rate!

This guide is divided in:

Apply a Best Available Rate (BAR)

Apply Promotions

Manual Pricing

Let's start:

Go to Pricing>Rate Setup in BackOffice. You will see a calendar at the middle of the page and two columns on each side. The left side column are "Views", which allows you to see what rates are being applied on the calendar for the selected dates/periods of time. The right side column allows you to apply or modify existing rates (Best Available Rates or Promotions).

Nota importante: Important note: You can only change the Property rates, promotions or conditions by selecting on the left side column, "Views". This is going to activate the right column menu.


Applying a Best Available Rate

Follow these simple steps to apply a previously created BAR for a date range.

  1. Select the date range. You can highlight the desired days by clicking and dragging on the calendar or use the date selector tool for bigger ranges, located at the top of the calendar.   
  2. Select the BAR to be applied from the dropdown menu  
  3. Click on the blue "Save" button to save, The calendar will show the new active BAR name reflected on the blue stripe.


Apply Promotions

Follow these steps to activate your promotions, packages and special rates for these to be available on the Booking Engine.

  1. Select your desired date range.
  2. By using the left column menu, "Views", expand the Promotions section.
  3. Activate the promotion by clicking on the left side arrow and select the promotion you wish to apply. Note that the switch will turn orange on the right side column.            

  4. You can edit prices, conditions and policies for each promotion by clicking on the promotion name located on the left side column, "Views". This will activate the promotion prices and conditions located on the right side column, which will give you the following options:               

  5. Do not forget to click "Save" before moving forward.

Tip: Use the "Views" menu on the lefts side column to check which promotions are active. The active promotions show an orange stripe on the calendar.        


Manual Pricing - edit rates, conditions and policies

The Rate Planner allows you to change very easily your existing BAR rates or promotions, conditions and policies.
Siga estos pasos para configurar los precios manualmente en la Planificación de Tarifas:

  1. Select the day or the desired date range on the calendar. Tip: If you wish to apply a rate or condition for the same day(s) of the week or a range of dates (I.E. all Fridays of October), you can specify the days at the top of the page. 

  2.  On the left side menu "Views" choose which BAR or Promotion you wish to edit. Once selected, the right side column will allow you to edit pricing, conditions or policies. Once completed, remember to click on the blue "Save" button.

  3. Click on "Save" at the bottom of the page. Your changes will be reflected on the calendar.

Note: Manual changes to prices or conditions are visible by the following icons:

 = Condition(s) changed

 = Price(s) changed

Click on one of these icons to see what changes have been made and the user that made them.


The powerful BookingSuite Booking Engine will allow you to manage your rates and promotions on simple steps, just follow these instructions and maximize your revenue!

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