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Intro to the New Rate Setup and Rate Planner

We have made some exciting changes to the BackOffice rate management software! The new Rate Setup and Rate Planner give you more control of your rates, helping you maximize revenue through your BookingSuite website!!

Watch the videos below for an introduction to the new Rate Setup and Rate Planner.

Rate Setup: 

The Rate Setup is where you will create all of your rates including, Rack Rate, Best Available Rates, and Promotions.  Once you have created your rates, head over to the Rate Planner to specify when they will be available for a guest to book online. 

Additional Rate Setup resources:

Learn more about creating Best Available Rates

Learn more about creating Promotional Rates

Learn how to create a rate that requires a promotion code


Rate Planner:

The Rate Planner is packed with tools that will help you manage the availability of your rates and add-ons, as well as update nightly pricing, and manage property conditions and policies. 

Additional Rate Planner resources:

Learn more about using the Rate Planner to manage promotions

Learn more about the many features of the All Rates section


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