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How To Create And Assign A Photo To An Album

Albums are a great way to showcase a variety of different imagery pertaining to your property, or its surrounding areas. They will appear on the Photos tab of your website.  

Create An Album:  

  1. Go to Marketing > Galleries > Photos.
  2. Click  in the upper left-hand corner.                   
  3. In the highlighted text , title your album. Hit Enter on your keyboard, or click the orange check mark to save.                                                                          

You’re now ready to add images to your newly created album.

Adding New Photos: 

  1. Go to Marketing > Galleries > Photos.
  2. In the Library, click on the desired image(s) and then click Assign to Album from the drop down. Select your desired Album.
    **To add multiple photos, hold down the
    CTRL(PC)/Command(Mac) button while you select images. Once selected, the image(s) will be highlighted in orange.**
  3. Your photos will automatically be dropped in the desired Album, you've chosen.
  4. In order to reflect the changes you've made onto your live site, go to Marketing Publish > click Publish Now.

Congratulations! You've successfully created an album, and assigned photos to it.

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