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My Site is Live - Now What? Promotions Edition

Your site is live and now it’s your turn to take control of your digital marketing! Attend webinars, review our forums, and engage with other BookingSuite users.

This self-training approach will ensure you are set up for success using the BookingSuite system.

Offering promotions and packages on your site is a great way to entice potential guests who have not yet decided to complete a booking with you. It is also a great way to increase occupancy during slow seasons and to take advantage of opportunities such as holidays or local special events.


Learn More About How to Update Your Promotions

Why is an up-to-date Promotions page important?

Promotions can result in more direct bookings and increased revenue as it is an opportunity to capture potential guests who have not yet decided on your property and to entice them with special offers. Target specific types of travelers - the discount shopper, the last minute booker, the honeymooners, etc.




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