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How to add points to your Attractions page

The Attractions page is an essential part of your BookingSuite site where it allows guest to get further information on area attractions near your property. Here your guest will be able to view the website, a short description and even use Google Maps to get directions to the places you decide to showcase.

Here below are instructions on how to get started in adding points:

1. Go to Marketing > Galleries > Location.

2. You will see three grey tabs across the top: Point of Interest, Search and Overview. Click Search.

3. Use the Search field to type in a specific location, an address or a generic term like “restaurant.” Click the orange Search button.

4. To the left of the map, you will see the populated results based on your search query. Find the point that best matches your search term and hover over the listing. Click on the orange + button. You can then select from an existing Category or choose New Category.

5. Once you have added a point, click back over to the Point of Interest tab.

6. On the left hand side of the map, you will now see your property’s location as well as any Categories and Points you have added. Click on the Point you just added to see the various information fields. You can complete any empty fields that were not automatically filled by Google and also upload an image.

7. Be sure to click Save to save any updates you make.

8. These updates will be reflected on your site once you go to Marketing > Publish > Publish Now.

You have now successfully added one location to your attractions page - keep going!


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