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Reservation Settings

The first steps to getting started with the booking engine is to set up your booking engine settings. The booking engine settings will affect what information such as rates, taxes, room availability is displayed in the booking engine and the information that is requested from guests such as credit card information, please use the following icons to activate or disable specific features: 

 Active: This feature is active in the booking engine. 

 Inactive: This feature is disabled in the booking engine. 

To set up the booking engine global settings: 

  1. Go to Settings > Reservations
  2. Click  to activate the BookingSuite Booking Engine. The button will turn orange (). 
  3. Offline for Maintenance: Click to activate a message to notify booking engine visitors that the reservation system is offline for maintenance. 
  4. Currency: Choose the type of currency
  5. Inventory/Availability Management: Select one of the following settings available: 
      • Automated allow guests to make reservations with automatic confirmation, and takes the room offline real time. 
      • Manual requires the property owner to contact customer outside of BackOffice by phone or email and you must take room offline.  
  6. Require Payment Information select if you would like to collect credit card information before a request has been made or confirmed. 
  7. If applicable, select the major credit cards accepted by the property. BookingSuite verifies the following credit card details: 
      • Visa
      • Mastercard 
      • Discover 
      • American Express Diner's Club Card 
      • JCB
  8. If applicable, require the CVV security code.
  9. If applicable, activate "Send Cancellation Email to Guest". This feature will allow your guests to modify or cancel their reservation 24 hours before their arrival date. 
  10. If applicable, activate "Display Rate with Tax". This feature will display the text, "Taxes and Fees are included", on the first page of the rates. 
  11. Show Property/Room Level Availability Chart: 

    This chart will show on the first search page of the booking engine. If you choose Property Level, the guests will see a monthly calendar with each day representing the property's availability. If you choose Room Level, the guests will see a weekly calendar for each room in the property.

  12. Room Level Availability Chart: If this is enabled, your guests will be able to view your room level availability from the search results page of the booking engine.
  13. Allow guests to Cancel Online based on your property's cancellation policies. This feature will allow your guests to modify or cancel their reservation 24 hours before their arrival date. 
  14. Promotion CodeShow the Promotion Code field to guests that visit the Booking Engine.
  15. Default Number of Adults: Select the default number of adults that will appear when they choose how many adults will be in a room.  
  16. Default Number of Children: Select the default number of children that will appear when they choose how many children will be in a room. * If children are not permitted on the property, you can select "No Children Allowed" in the drop down menu. The option to add children to a room will not be available. 
  17. Click "Save"



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