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More Information About Customizing Your Design

BookingSuite WebDirect websites are designed for guest engagement and conversion. To customize your site for your brand, you can:

- Select two colors to be used in the design
- Add your logo image
- Choose a Style that works best for your content and brand assets.
- Select a font to be used for text
- Include a background image

Color both informs and inspires, so your color selection should reflect the mood, qualities, and image that you want your brand to convey. If you have a well-defined, brand color (or colors), you can easily match that color using our color picker tool.


Simply click or tap on the color swatch and enter the 6 character HEX code. You can find more information on color values and conversion here, if you do not know the HEX code of your brand color(s).

Please see below for more information on choosing a Style to work with your selected colors.

Adding a logo to your site helps to establish your brand on first glance and assures visitors already familiar with your property that they have landed on the right page.

The best image file format for use on your website is .png, as this format offers the most readable and crisp view of your logo across different screen sizes.

To ensure that your logo stands out, be sure that it has enough contrast with the background color of the masthead area of your site. If you don’t upload a logo, not to worry. Visitors to your site will see your property name in text in the masthead. If you want to create a logo, try an online tool such as GraphicSprings.

A BookingSuite website provides an opportunity to showcase the best features of your property with quality content and to introduce guests to your brand promise. Your content should take center stage and our Styles are designed to complement, rather than compete with, your assets and your brand. You can make the best Style selection for your property website by considering the quality of your photos, the shape of your logo, the intensity of your colors, and the general look and feel you want to evoke.

Your customization can take a Style in any direction, but as a starting point, see below for the baseline look and feel of each Style.

- Avenue: minimalist and refined
- Focus: bold and bright
- Frame: dimensional and dramatic
- Edge: modern and open
- Ascent: light and sophisticated
- Aura: clean and contemporary

Clean, consistent typography makes it easy for site visitors to scan a page and find the information that matters most in their decision-making process. We’ve provided typeface options that ensure legibility and have fine-tuned things like font sizes and line length across the spectrum of screen sizes.

Choose a font to complement your brand story. If your property has traditional appeal, try a classic typeface such as Helvetica or Garamond. Muli and Open Sans are both well-suited for a more casual, relaxed feel. It’s easy to test drive all the options to decide which speaks best for your property. Simply change the font selector, Save, and click on Preview. As with all changes you make to your content and design settings, your updates won’t appear on your live site until you Publish.

An easy way to add distinction and dimension to your site design is to add a background photo. The different Styles handle background images in different ways, but in general, a photo that adds interest without creating distraction from your key content and other photography makes a good choice.

Styles Avenue, Focus, and Aura overlay the photo background with color, so that text and and images in contact with the background will stand out..

Style Frame features a selected background image without a tint, so a more abstract image will work well. Try a large scale blur for a modern look and feel or a dark textured watercolor for a more organic look.


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