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Direct Connection with for WebComplete!

We are very excited to share that WebComplete partners can now manage rates and inventory through the extranet and have the same rates and inventory mirrored on your BookingSuite website through our booking engine!

For more information, please review the FAQ below:


General Info

Who qualifies for the connection?  

Any WebComplete BookingSuite accommodation partner (formerly Core, Pro, Ultra) that has active inventory on!

Who is the ideal candidate?

BookingSuite accommodation partners that are currently using a third party booking engine and are interested in using the BookingSuite booking engine to improve their guest's booking experience! This a great option if you want simplicity and easy inventory management. We are all about giving our partners options, so if you already have a booking engine that you love, there is no need to make the switch.

How much does it cost?  

Nothing at all!! That's right, no setup charge and no commissions for reservations made through your BookingSuite website!


The Guest Experience

What does a guest see?

A guest will experience the BookingSuite booking engine! The booking engine was built to be an extension of your website, creating a seamless booking experience for your guests. The booking engine is all about conversion! We have made it as easy as possible for a guest to navigate on any device, from selecting arrival and departure dates, to easily browsing room photos and descriptions, and ultimately clicking "Confirm and Book"!

What about the confirmation email? 

The confirmation email will be sent from

Will my guests have access to the Customer Service Team?  

Absolutely! We know that you are busy. You might be the owner, front desk operator, housekeeper, and every position in between. That means you can't always be in front of your phone or computer. That's where the Customer Service Team comes in! Once the connection is enabled, any guest who books through your website will have access to 24/7 customer support in 42 different languages!!


Backend Management 

Will I manage rates through the BookingSuite BackOffice or the extranet?

You will manage availability, rates, and inventory through the extranet.

How will I be notified of a guest's reservation?

A notification email will come from

Can I feature different rates on my BookingSuite website from the rates I have on

The rates and inventory that are available on will be the exact same rates and inventory that are available through the BookingSuite booking engine.

Will this affect the current commissions that I pay to

No, the commissions you pay for reservations booked through will not change.

What about analytics?

Once connected, you will unlock the Books section of our BackOffice 360 Analytics. The Books section will show you detailed revenue data for direct bookings. This data will track the ROI of your BookingSuite DMS and help you make data driven marketing decisions!

So how do I turn it on?

Submit a request to our HelpDesk team and include your account ID. One of our dedicated Partner Success Agents will then follow-up with you directly. 

Need more info?

On February 26 we held a webinar that covered the new connection with You can watch a recording of the webinar below:

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