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How to create a great page title?

The title of a website page can also be called a meta title. A meta title is part of a code indexed by the search engine robots. It is a piece of code that is used to give a short summary to search engine robots and will appear as the blue hyperlinked text on a search engine's results page. Your meta titles will not be visible on your website to visitors.


Your meta titles are one of the first elements detected on your website by search engines when they index your website. The meta title is meant to give search engines a short summary of what your website page is about. Having appropriate keywords in the meta title will not only improve your rankings, but can significantly improve the number of visitors that click on your link. How to create a great meta title?

Here are some aspects to consider when creating a meta title:

  • Use relevant keywords, however it should be descriptive and within context. There is no need to repeat keywords in the title 
  • Avoid using commas, dashes, underscores, or other punctuation
  • Always check the spelling to make sure it is correct
  • Keep your title short and simple; a maximum of 60 characters
  • Do not duplicate titles; each one should be unique and relevant
  • Best practice to only use 1-2 keywords per page



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