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Learn More About How Localization And Languages Are Used In The DMS

The WebDirect platform supports more than 30 languages!


Step 1: Click on Content > Languages.

Step 2: Select Languages > Choose any number of languages > click Save

Step 3: Wait a few minutes as the system translates your content.

Step 4: You should now see, "New translations added."

Helpful Hints:

- Manually enter translation: You can manually edit by clicking Edit Translations > Edit Translations on the page that needs translations. 

- Automatically enter translation: You can automatically edit the translation by clicking Edit Translations > Edit Translations > Translate All.

- Source language VS BackOffice language: 

  • Source language is English
  • BackOffice language is the language that your BackOffice is translated to
  • US & LATAM: source language default = English US
  • EMEA & APAC: source language default = English UK

Best Practice: 

- By marketing your website in more than one language, you have the ability to advertise your property content to a larger clientele base. 

Congratulations, you now have the tools to translate your property-level site from English into as many languages as you would like!

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