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Activate Your Site With Network Solutions

Congratulations, you're ready to activate your new website with your Network Solutions domain and Domain Name System (DNS).  This guide will lead you through the process.   

Please be logged into your Network Solutions Account if you wish to follow along.  

  1. Click the Edit DNS button under "My Domain Names":

  2. Check the domain you wish to edit, and click "Edit DNS":

  3. Select "Advanced DNS":

  4. Select "Edit A Records":

  5. In the Edit A Record Screen, delete the www A record by checking the Delete Box, and modify the @(None) record to and confirm. Network Solutions takes a few minutes for this change to be accpeted, so wait 3-4 minutes, and refresh to confirm the www A record shows (none) or is empty. Once this is confirmed move on to the CNAME Section.

  6. On the Summary Screen, click "Edit CNAME Records":

  7. In the CNAME Records Screen add www under alias, select Other Host, and fill that box with and confirm:

  8. Confirm and your site is now publishing!


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