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Booking Engine Training Webinar - complete recording

We hold regular booking engine training webinars that give WebComplete Accommodation Partners a thorough overview of our booking engine software. Click here to register for an upcoming webinar.

Please refer to the outline below the recorded webinar to find the specific sections that are most relevant to you:

BE Training HelpDesk April-2015 from BookingSuite on Vimeo.

Room Structure: 0:52 - 2:40

  • Creating room segments, setting fixed inventory, and setting occupancy

Credit Keys: 2:50 - 6:09

  • Creating and managing user access to guest CC info in BackOffice

General Booking Engine Settings: 6:10 - 15:40

  • Establishing internal and guest facing booking engine settings

Automated Messaging: 15:50 - 18:40

  • Editing automated messages such as confirmation and cancellation emails

Pricing Rate Setup: 19:20 - 41:45

  • Creating rack rates, nightly rates (BARs), and promotions

Pricing Rate Planner: 41:50 - 50:35

  • Applying active date ranges to your rates, managing rates on a daily basis

Front Desk > Inventory: 50:54 - 54:53

  • Managing room inventory/availability

Front Desk > Reservations: 54:56 - 1:02:15

  • Creating new reservations, canceling and editing reservations, and accessing guest CC info

HelpDesk Navigation: 1:02:35 - 1:04:30

  • Finding booking engine related resources on the HelpDesk
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