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How to use Siteminder with BookingSuite


This tutorial is only for partners using the Siteminder sync with the WebComplete product. We will explain how to add new rooms, promotions, add-ons and taxes.
Please keep in mind that the Hotel Short code In Settings > Reservation needs to be send to Siteminder in order to enable BookingSuite channel.

How to add a room:

New rooms will need to be added in the SiteMinder channel manager as well as the BookingSuite BackOffice.

Within BackOffice, go to Marketing > Galleries > Rooms > “New Segment” > Enter the room name. For more detailed instructions, click here: How to add, edit, or delete a room type

You can see that there are 4 columns next to the new room name. The first column, Physical Rooms, is not relevant for the SiteMinder sync, because you manage all inventory in the channel manager. However, it is very important that you enter the correct values for Max Adults, Children and Persons, as this will control how many guests can stay in each of your rooms.

Congratulations ! You created your new room.

Now that you have created the room content, it’s time to export the new room to SiteMinder.

Go to Settings > Reservations. Here you can find all settings about the Siteminder sync. Under Rooms, click on the blue Add button > Select the room that you just created and enter a relevant room code (note, the rooms codes are for internal use and will not appear within SiteMinder) > Scroll down and click on the Save button.


Congratulations ! Your new room is ready to be mapped with Siteminder room rates. Log into your Siteminder account to proceed with the mapping for the BookingSuite channel.

Within SiteMinder, individual room rates are mapped to BookingSuite content, which includes the rate title and description (text and photos). SiteMinder receives a list of room names with an attached rate name. The rate name pulls from the list of promotions. For example, if you have a hotel with two room types and two rates (BAR and Advance Purchase), SiteMinder would receive the following list:

Room 1 - Best Available Rate

Room 2 - Best Available Rate

Room 1 - Advance Purchase

Room 2 - Advance Purchase


How to add a promotion:

To create a new promotion, go to Marketing > Galleries > Promotions and then click on “+ Promotion” in the top left corner of the page.

Find more information here: Creating a new promotion

Congratulations, you just created a new promotion !

Now that you have created the promotion, go to Settings > Reservations. Scroll down to the promotions section > click on the blue Add button > Select the promotion in the Buuteeq column > in the Rate Code column, enter a relevant code > Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page/

Congratulations, your promotion is ready to be mapped with Siteminder.

Note: If you enter a code next to the Rate Code in the Qualifying Code column, the promotion will only be available for guests that enter the exact qualifying code.

Please remember to activate the Promotion Code field under Settings > Reservations

Note: Never delete the Best Available Rate. This is your standard nightly rate and if you delete it, your rates and availability will be inaccurate and guests may be unable to book!


How to add Add-ons:

Add-ons are special because you can’t create them in Siteminder, but they can still be featured and booked through the booking engine.

To create an add-on in BackOffice, go to Marketing > Galleries > Promotions > Click on “+ Add-on”.

Then go to Pricing > add-ons. Here you will be able to add a price and and specify availability per room type. Be sure to select “Always Available” under Seasons.

Add-ons will be reflected on the checkout page and the confirmation email for guests. You will see any selected add-ons in the BookingSuite notification email.


How to add Taxes:

Room rates are typically received from SiteMinder as flat rates without taxes. You have two options for taxes:

Option 1: Display the taxes on the checkout page of the booking engine and then send the total including taxes back to SiteMinder. Under Settings>Reservations disable the “Display Only Tax” option.

Option 2: Display the taxes on the checkout page and then send the total without taxes back to SiteMinder. Under Settings>Reservations enable the “Display Only Tax” option.

This is an important distinction, because most Property Management Systems with a two-way interface with SiteMinder will add taxes to rates that pass through from the channel manager. This means you can end up taxing the room charge twice if you elect to send the rates with tax back to SiteMinder.

Please refer to this article for instructions on creating applicable Taxes and Fees.


What about Settings:

Settings with Siteminder are a bit different. You can find them in Settings>Reservations.

This is where you can choose the currency, which credit cards you accept, and the previously explained tax options. Mouse-over each question mark to view the details of each setting.

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