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How To Create Add-ons

Are you wanting to offer additional services or products, but not necessarily as a promotion?

The add-ons are the answer. There is a difference between a promotion and an add-on. A promotion could be a discount or a certain package available for a date range whereas an add-on is a product or service that you need to pay for (i.e. bottle of champagne, airport pick up-drop off, a massage, etc.).

Important Note: Add - Ons will be only available if you are using BookingSuite's Booking Engine or Siteminder's sync.


I. How to create content 

In BackOffice, go Marketing>Galleries>Promotions and click on "+Add-On"


  1. By clicking on "+ Add-on", and name your add-on.
  2. To give a better idea of what the add-on looks like, add a thumbnail from your Library or by clicking on "Select".
  3. Add a short description.
  4. Add a long description and inform as much as possible what this add-on is about. This textwill be displayed on the step "2.5" of the Booking Engine.
  5. Make sure to click on the blue Save button once you are finished.



II. Set up Pricing and Conditions

To set up your newly created add-ons prices, go to Pricing>Add-ons in BackOffice.

Here you will find the list of the add-ons you created.

To add the price/conditions:

  1. Select the add-on from the left side column.
  2. Select the price per unit.
  3. Select the elegible rooms on which add-ons will apply to. By clicking on "Default Category" all rooms will be selected.
  4. By selecting "Always Available", the add-on will be bookable through the Booking Engine 24/7, 365 days a year. If the add-on is only available for a certain period of time, do not select "always available". You will need to go to Pricing>Rate Planner to the "All Rates" section located on the left side of your screen. Select it and go to "Add-Ons", select the range and save.
  5. Make sure that you translate the add ons under Marketing>Localization for them to properly dispaly on your other website's languages.
  6. Once everything is completed, go to Marketing>Publish>Publish now to display your add-ons.

Congratulations! You can now create add-ons and its content , set up the prices and conditions. 



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