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Choosing the Right Blueprint - Column

You like looking fresh and new. Updated features and tools give you more flexibility, and combine aspects of earlier blueprints, plus new ones just for Column.


Number of Styles: 8
Works well with what kinds of logos: all
How responsive: fully responsive
Optimal number of tabs: 7 or less

How to look your best in Column in 5 steps or less: 

  1. Under Settings > Design Concierge > Brand and Build, choose your Style:

    *Ascent and Avenue work best with darker logos, whereas Edge and Frame work well with lighter logos. Accent and background colors on Focus and Aura can be adjusted to suit most logos.

    *Avenue, Frame, and Focus all support background images (Aura has a small section on the homepage that can feature a background image).

  2. Use the color picker to choose an accent color that reflects your property’s brand.

  3. Under Settings > Design Concierge > Refine, choose your background color and/or image.

What’s new in Column?

The newest blueprint in the BookingSuite family brings with it new and improved features.

  1. Article Tree
    Marketing > Galleries > Article Tree
    Article Tree allows you to nest content in collections to improve information architecture. Good for blogs! Article Tree also allows for an article to be designated as a “landing page” to be used as a summary of the information that can be found on deeper pages.
  2. Homepage Slideshow Captions
    Marketing > Galleries > Homepage > Slideshow
    Add a caption with an optional link to enrich the homepage slideshow. Each photo can have it’s own, but keep the captions similar in length (20-40 characters at most!).

  3. Article header images and text
    Marketing > Galleries > Article Tree > Article Summary
    Add a hero image to an article to create visual interest. Add an optional caption with the title of the article.

    *Turning the “Show Subnav” setting to “off” is helpful in creating a campaign landing page.

  4. Sticky Navigation

    As users scroll, an abbreviated navigation bar stick to the top of the window, keeping your logo, menu button, and Reservation button visible at all times.

  5. Amenities and Reviews pages and widgets. partners will have the option to include an Amenities page on their website. This content is brought over from so it will reflect what you presently have on that site. It can be edited in the extranet if you wish to make changes. Control the widget under Marketing > Galleries > Homepage > Widgets and turn the page on or off under Marketing > Channels > On Web.


    Want your reviews on your website? You can control if you’d like this content to appear under Marketing > Channels > On Web.

    Please remember after all updates have been made and saved, you will need to publish. You can do this if you go to Marketing > Publish and click Publish Now so that the changes will be reflected onto your live website.
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