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Rate shopper

Rate shopper is a feature of RateManager that allows you to see how your room rates compare to those of your competitors at a glance. This is helpful to get deeper insights on your competitors' rates and use this as an input for your own rate strategy.  

Table of contents 

1. How to access the rate shopper?

2. Rate shopper graph

3. Rate shopper table

4. Why can I not see my competitors' rate for some dates?




1. How to access the rate shopper?

To access this feature, select Rate shopper from the same drop-down menu that includes your room/rate types. 



The Rate shopper automatically compares your lowest available rate by default with your competitors' lowest available rates. You can add more room / rate types that you would like to compare by going to Account > Settings > Settings > Views. 


2. Rate shopper graph

The first thing you see when you access the rate shopper is a graph. This graph shows you how your rates compare to those of your competitors during the selected time period. 

To have a closer look at your rates compared to your competitors' rates, you can try out some of the following options: 

  • Hover over any point in the graph to view details for a specific date


  • Select a start and end date at the top of the graph to see data for a specific period


  • Click and drag your mouse over the graph to zoom in on a shorter date range.



3. Rate shopper table 

If you prefer to see your competitors' rates in a table view, you can do so at the bottom of the page. 

Your current price positioning (lowest price) on is shown at the top row. A green or red arrow means that you have moved up or down to that position within the past 24 hours. 


The sub-number in the upper right corner shows the price change that your competitor has made in the past 24 hours.



4. Why can I not see my competitors' rate for some dates?

If for a given date you are not able to see the rate of your competitor, this means that your competitors' room/rate type is not available on Your competitor might be fully booked for this date, or closed this date on




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