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More information on Facebook

When navigating through your BackOffice, you'll find information on the Facebook "Hotel Info" app.  If you are wondering what it is, or what it does, let me explain.

The Facebook app was a feature that our platform once had, but can no longer support. Partners used to be able to connect their BookingSuite site to their Facebook business page, which allowed for certain information on their site to sync with their Facebook page, including the Booking Engine.

The reason BookingSuite no longer offers this as an option, is because the Facebook Business page is easy to manage, and because of our growing partner base on our platform, we unfortunately don't have the manpower to support it.

If you miss the feature that allowed you to connect your Booking Engine to your Facebook Business page, here is an alternative for you.

1.) In your Facebook business page account please go to your Admin page, and select Create Call to Action.


2.) In the new window, select the name of the button by clicking on the drop down arrow under Choose a Button (#1 on screenshot). Then add the corresponding Booking Engine URL on the text box under Website (#2 on screenshot). 

“Set up link to an app” is not necessary.

3.) Lastly click on Create to display the button on your Facebook business page.

Important: Please note, this is free; but you have the option to promote this new function via PPC.


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