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How does invoicing work?

When will I get my first invoice?

All BookingSuite invoices are sent within the first week of the month. Once a connection is successfully established between your Property Management System and RateManager, and your account is fully active, you will be invoiced a monthly subscription fee.

How can I access my invoices?

The invoice will be sent to the same email address where you receive your monthly invoice.

You will also be able to find all your invoices in your Extranet by going to Extranet > FinanceInvoices. The BookingSuite invoice can be recognized by the invoice type “BookingSuite” in the left column.

Will I have a separate invoice for and BookingSuite?

Yes. You will receive separate invoices for your BookingSuite subscription fee and your commission amount due.

How is my subscription fee calculated?

The first monthly subscription fee is calculated based on the number of days between the day your RateManager platform is fully active and the first day of the following month. Moving forward you will be invoiced a monthly subscription fee (which you can find in your Agreement that you have signed).

How will I be invoiced if I also use other BookingSuite solutions next to RateManager?

Each BookingSuite product and/or service will appear as a separate line on your invoice. The invoice will also show the total amount due.

When and how do I pay the amount I owe on the invoice?

Your payment will be processed based on the payment method on file with

Can I pay my monthly invoice and BookingSuite invoice with one payment?

Yes, you can. Please do not forget to mention your property ID and the invoice numbers in the payment reference so that your payment gets settled correctly.

How can I change my invoicing details?

If you wish you change your invoicing details such as your payment method, please contact our Credit Control department for assistance by simply sending a message from your Extranet Inbox. Please note that you cannot have a different payment method for BookingSuite than

Who is collecting the payment? is an affiliated group company of BookingSuite B.V. and therefore will collect the debt for and on behalf of BookingSuite B.V.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my invoice?

If the answer that you are looking for is not stated in any of the above, please reach out to our Credit Control department by sending a message from your Extranet Inbox.


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