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How To Create, Edit, Reorganize, and Crop Photos In A Homepage Slideshow

A website’s homepage photography is incredibly important to engage the visitor right away and help draw them further into the site.

We recommend high resolution photography at least 1920x1080 pixels to showcase your property and  3-5 photos for the slideshow.

Tip: You can change homepage slideshow photos at any time, but we suggest including an exterior photo, a room photo and photos highlighting unique amenities or your local area. If you are in a seasonal destination, consider using photos that are appropriate for the current season.

Here’s how to create a new Homepage Slideshow:

  1. In the BackOffice go to Marketing > Galleries > Photos.
  2. In the left column, click __New_Group.png 
  3. Type the title of your group  Type_the_title_of_your_group.JPG
  4. Click Check_Mark_Icon.png to save
  5. Click on Library, select a photo or hold "Ctrl" on your keyboard to select multiple photos to add to the Group
  6. After choosing your photos, click on the “Assign to a Group” drop down 
  7. Select the name of your newly created Group 

* Follow steps 5 and 6, to add more photos to your current Homepage Group.

Change Order of Photos

  1. Click on the group name
  2. Drag and drop the thumbnails.

Remove a Photo                                    

     1.  Click on the group

     2.  Select the thumbnail image
     3.  Hover over the image and click remove_icon.png
     4.  The following warning message will appear:               
     5.   Click Yes to remove the photo from the Group

Add Group to Homepage Slide Show

  1. Go to Marketing > Galleries > Homepage > Slideshow.
  2. Below the default image, choose select.JPG
  3. A pop-up of the Library will appear. Select “Groups” and then the new Group                      
  4. Select Insert to add the Group to the Homepage
  5. Click Save


Crop Photos

  1. You can crop photos in the slideshow by clicking crop_photos.png 
  2. Adjust the white rectangle to change the desired area of the photo
  3. Click the orange “Crop” button again to save the position. Scroll through to crop the other photos  
  4. Click “Close” to finish.                                 


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