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RateIntelligence Manual



1- Getting help, changing language and settings access

2- Editing personal settings, select reporting emails and password

3- Choosing alert preferences / selecting competitors

4- Completing room info and adding a new view







RateIntelligence will allow you to customize how frequently you would like to receive the email reports with your competitor’s most important price variations, reset your password, determine your competitors, etc!

To start, on the upper right corner of your BackOffice, you will see:


a) Help: You will need to fill in the required fields to submit a request or to report any problems on the platform. Please provide us with the most information you can gather:

b) Language: You can select the language you would like your RateIntelligence account to be available in. Just click on the country flag and select from the dropdown:

c) Account: Here you can edit your profile, your email alert preferences and frequency, the calendar alert ranges, your competitors and the amount of rooms. We will see this tab in detail up next:




Personal Settings:

a) Profile: Here you can fill in what your role is and how often you change your pricing:

b) Emails: -Select “Active” in case you want to receive email reports.

                  -Select “Email frequency” to customize how often you would like to                         receive these: Daily - Biweekly - Weekly - Bimonthly - Monthly.

                   -Select “Recipients” to add all emails addresses that need to receive                       the activity report by clicking on the “+” sign.

c) Reset password: Here, you can choose your password:



a) Alert Preferences

Threshold: Here you will determine if you would like to have a relative (%) or absolute (number) difference between your price and your competitor’s. Click and drag where you would like the alert to be activated on the calendar.

The gap if yours to choose; for instance, you would like the background color to be green when your prices are not bigger than 5% in relation to your competitors, yellow when the  Difference is between 6 and 20% and red when the difference is higher than 21%.

b) Competitors: RateIntelligence will allow you to choose up to 5 competitors to be displayed on the calendar. In blue, you will see your 5 active competitors and pins indicating their location on the map. If you would like to change them, select one from the list provided or type in your competitor’s property name on the “Search for competitors” field:



c) Rooms: Here you will see the list of rooms you offer on On the Quantity column, fill in the number of total physical rooms you have in your property for that room category:

d) Views: On this section you will be able to feature one room from your’s extranet and compare it with your competitor’s specific rooms and policies:

Step 1

  1. Select your Booking,com’s room type you would like to display on the calendar.
  2. Select the occupancy for that room.
  3. Select if meals are included or not.
  4. Select the rate policy, refundable or non refundable.
  5. Select payment options.

Once completed, click on blur the icon to save your configuration.


Step 2

Once set up, you will need to map this newly added room with your competitors’ rooms. Select your competitors’ room that is closest on characteristics and prices to your room.

Once completed, click on the blue icon to save your configuration.



Questions? Send us an email to so we can help you out with any BookingSuite Products!



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